Student stories

Students at New Americans Code come from many backgrounds and nations, but they all have several things in common: A desire to improve themselves, solve difficult problems and use their skills to help people. Here are some of their stories.

Hussein Sadiq

"I am very happy to get this wonderful opportunity to learn Web programming I think I am m lucky to be here and I invite everyone to take advantage of this opportunity. Thanks Marty."

Alexander Burakov

""Marty helped me to understand basic idea of code. I improved my knowledge and continued to work for my projects. New Americns Code is the best opportunity to start learn, to find better ways for realization, to build great networking!"

Neh Doh

I want to thank newamericanscode for give me the opportunity to learn how to code and help me create my own website. It helps me a lot. And it will also help me with my career. And to success in the future. I really appreciate that and thank you.