JavaScript Affects on HTML Elements


New Americans Code is a business venture, a school and a way to help refugees find a path to become productive members of society. Also, we will produce graduates able to start as trainee entry-level developers, or to continue their education elsewhere and learn the full suite of Web developer skills in advanced frameworks and full-stack development.

Martin Severiano Johncox founded the school to serve the above goals, and pursue some personal passions. He developed a solid foundation in content development and research as a reporter and editorial writer at the Idaho Statesman for nearly 12 years and in 2001, he joined the Boise marketing firm Alexander and Associates providing news media consulting, public-policy-oriented PR, events and boutique communications services. He started creating Websites in 2004 with FrontPage (dont laugh!) and later Wordpress and expanded client services into social media. Several of his public relations and social media campaigns have won national trade association awards for his clients.