Class assignments

New Americans Code prepares instructional materials specifically designed to assist refugees studying technically difficult concepts as English language learners. In addition, the school also relies on code schools, particularly freecodecamp.org. We will include materials and other resources here as they become available.
Rules for students
    Our training program is designed to remove as many barriers as possible to your succeess. Like anything else in life, however, you will get out of our program as much as you put into it. Please observe these few rules to help everyone succeed:
  • Students will make every effort to attend every class. We understand that things happen and you can’t make it. Just let us know so we can reschedule.
  • Before every class, the teacher will send out a Google invitation to the next class. Students need to accept or reject the invitation. Classes are important meetings and you need to let us know either way.
  • Students pledge to do at least one hour of homework for each hour of class. Homework may consist of lessons exercises at freecodecamp.com, for example.
  • Students will communicate with the teacher via email and phone and ask for help.
  • First lesson: The server-client relationship & browser page construction
    Homework: Learn more about servers/clients at this story.
    Second lesson: Object-Oriented Programming theory, properties and values
    Homework: A good article about OOP (Java, but valuable)
    Fourth lesson: Inline styling with CSS; inline vs. block elements differences
    Homework: Continue HTML/CSS exercises at freecodecamp.com
    Fifth lesson: Styling by element, class and id with external stylesheets
    Homework: Continue HTML/CSS exercises at freecodecamp.com
    Sixth lesson: Positioning elements; understanding the CSS specificity hierarchy
    Homework: Continue HTML/CSS exercises at freecodecamp.com
    COMING SOON Seventh lesson: Installing and using the Bootstrap CSS framework
    Homework: Do the Bootstrap exercises at freecodecamp.com
    COMING SOON Eighth lesson: Introduction to JavaScript: variables, objects, functions
    Homework: Begin JavaScript exercises at freecodecamp.com
    Assignment 1: Recast your resume into a Web page using basic HTML and CSS
    Open, right-click and save as a complete Web page. Replace my personal information with yours.
    Assignment 2: Experiment with positioning and embedded stylesheets
    Open, right-click and save as a complete Web page. Notice CSS is a child of the <head> element.
    COMING SOON Assignment 3: Creating a basic form
    Open, right-click and save. We will create a basic form and prepare it for use later with JavaScript and PHP.
    COMING SOON Assignment 4: Creating a resume with responsive Bootstrap
    Open, right-click, save and add your personal information. Review this documentation.